Johnny Won

Media strategist, Creative Director & Executive Producer. linkedin/johnnywon

Daniel Phakos

Director, Creative Director & Writer. danielphakos.com

The Pylons Team

  • Two-dozen video professionals with experience across commercial, documentary, TV, film and social content.
  • From make-up artists to editors to producers and motion graphic editors.

We obsess about finding professionals and awesome talent.

How We Work

Our expertise in creating award winning media strategies let us plan the highest-quality video creative with cost-effective end-to-end production.

We hire the producers, we source all the necessary crew members, rent the right gear, hold castings for actors, book voice over sessions, edit, color and sound design. A start-to-finish workflow for clients who have experience creating video content to total newbies.

Our Collaborative Process

  • We work together to identify the key metrics like presentations, impressions, views, completions, snaps, or a brand goal.

  • Sometimes you can give us the keys and we'll come up with a complete approach, other times you can come to us with a solid idea in mind, and we'll workshop a story to meet your creative, media and production vision.

  • Ultimately, we are a flexible and collaborative partnership which helps you create gorgeous content that directly monetizes your goals. Beyond helping you promote something, we monetize your views.